sabato 19 marzo 2011

Swap: Black & White

Hi folks, the first game of Work is Not in Progress Lab is available on Android Market

Help Skuirks to beat the curse!
Swap is an original puzzle game where you can test your strategy.
When you hit a Skuirk, he and all Skuirks around him will change color from white to black and vice versa, if you reproduce the schema illustrated by Old Skuirk you’ll win!
Swap: Black & White includes:
A amazing Story Mode with more than 100 puzzles where you'll discover the world of Skuirks.
An Infinity Mode where you race against the clock to solve the puzzles.
An editor with which you can create your own puzzle and challenge your friend on the phone or send the puzzle with an SMS to your friend.

You can find the LITE Version or the FULL Version.

Lite Version

Full Version

mercoledì 2 marzo 2011